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- Spanish for health care
- For professionals
- In the South Bay Area
- Based on BP textbooks
- To all levels

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Advanced Spanish

A new book of the series "Using English to Learn Spanish"


Health Care

Using English to
Learn Spanish


The right way for professionals to learn Spanish is to learn the Spanish of the profession.

Spanish for the Health Care is intended for professionals with no previous knowledge of Spanish.

The goal is to communicate with patients. The book focuses on the dialogue to understand symptoms, and convey diagnostics and instructions.

Its methodology takes advantage of the similarities between Spanish and English.

  • Standard Spanish
  • From zero to intermediate
  • Textbook in natural order: 1.Sounds, 2.Words, 3.Sentences
  • Phrasebook: 1.getting a history, 2.assessments, 3.procedures, 4.follow up
  • Health care vocabulary from chapter one.


Using English to
Learn Spanish


"A very readable paperback, it aims to permit self-education in Spanish for the English speaker and succeeds to considerable measure" (more).

Spanish for Californians shows the Spanish of Latin America and the U.S. One of the twenty-two Academies that represent Spanish is in the U.S. The book teaches the common and the particular within the norm (more).

  • A textbook for beginners, and a reference data book for speakers
  • To study from home or from the classroom
  • In 35 short lessons and in six months
  • The easiest way to learn, by learning the easiest first
  • Build your 1,500-word dictionary, with your own terms
  • Learn to speak correctly, within the norm


Using English to
Learn Spanish

Now that you can communicate, it is time to get to the point and perfect your Spanish.

Advanced Spanish focuses on those topics that are an obstacle for your fluent Spanish.

The textbook explains the subjects with many examples and comparisons with English.

  • Pretérito e imperfecto:
    "I sang / I was singing"
  • Ser y estar:
    "I am... tired/ tiring"
  • Subjuntivo:
    "I suggest that he... goes /go"
  • Doble pronombre:
    "I wrote... a letter to Juan / it to him"

Spanish for Engineers

Using English to
Learn Spanish

A perfect manual for engineers working with Spanish.

Spanish for Engineers is for professionals in technical fields, engineers or project managers.

  • From zero to intermediate
  • Textbook in natural order: 1.Sounds, 2.Words, 3.Sentences
  • 17 glossaries: units, materials, parts, tools or mathematical variables

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